Mauritius - Life without the beach

Mauritius as we know is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations to retreat to. Mostly for its amazing beaches and friendly locals. With my canon at my side, ops normal, I decided to grab my reluctant husband by the hand and head to the streets of Grand Bay on the West Coast. Cheap option in mind, we took the bus. 

My mind completely submerged with our surroundings, I tried to capture those less mentioned honeymoon moments.Not including any beaches, coconut drinks or beach bods, if you are interested in that, please don't scroll any further. 

If you are interested in the daily routines of Mauritian locals, bus rides, resting street dogs and half built buildings, I suggest you have a look. I hope you see the beauty and simplicity of life in my images, I hope you keep an open mind, I hope you will seek adventures in this beautiful honest place, but most of all, keep in mind that Tourism is the main income of this amazing country and it is deserving of every penny spent. 

Enjoy and feel free to give your feedback below. 

Wanderlust Love - Blanche