Ryan & Justine - Surprise engagement

So Ryan contacted me with not only butterflies in his stomach but a whole flock of exotic birds causing havoc! He was to propose to Justine on the 5th of May and had a whole lot of sneaky planning to do (as he shares everything, including his phone and data, with Justine and this was going to be a difficult day to plan).

I was on board from the get go! How exciting! So when the big day arrived and nerves of not only Ryan but the whole family was all over the place as the surprise engagement of the decade was about to unfold...

I had a run through with the family as they were all waiting at the venue ready with boards in hand and in dire need of a glass of wine.  Ryan and his girlfriend at that time Justine arrived on a tractor from the main gate and we had to keep our cool while walking around the venue for their photo shoot. 

Ordering them around like I had no clue was no easy feat but all Ryan's effort and planning for this special occasion ended on a high note as Justine had the surprise of her life! SHE SAID YES!

What an amazing couple, and to top it all off, what an amazing and supportive bunch of squirrel loving (inside joke) family members and friends. I kinda developed a crush.

Ryan and Justine spent the afternoon and the rest of the day celebrating this life changing occasion with their loved ones.This is exactly what Justine wanted, family, friends and a fresh manicure. :-)  

I am so blessed to have spent this day with you and look forward to sharing, if only a tiny piece, of your adventure together!  

Here's to you Ryan and Justine!!!