Jonathan & Lee-Ann - Be together and in Nature

Jonathan and Lee-Ann have grown very close to my heart and I have been ordered (in a friendly and loving manner) to invite them for a braai on heritage day. - Feeling Special

Lee-Ann has a way of putting together something totally awesome and doing most of it on her own (as some girls like to do) and with the patience and support of, her now, husband their day was a raging success.

Family and friends jumped in to help with wedding preparations early on the day of their wedding. Some carried , some placed and some poured water while others were scouting and getting the carpets ready for the ceremony.

Lee-Ann and Jonathan were busy getting everything ready till the last minute before they had to get dressed. (As brides and grooms need to for their wedding day)

They quickly jumped into their wedding attire, Lee-Ann with her white sneakers, flowers in her hair and chicken fillets (inside joke) and Jonathan getting all foxy with printed socks and his favorite hat..

There they went. Cool as two cucumbers.

Their ceremony was set under picturesque oak trees with all the guests spread out on Persian carpets waiting for Lee-Ann to arrive..

And she did. Filled with giggles.

It was a ceremony filled with brightly dressed and smiling family and friends. I was close to chilling on the carpets myself after getting invited to do so a few times with a wave and a smile.

Their day started at a beach hotel with an amazing view, made its rounds through the mountains, peaked under a oak tree and ended off on a rocky bay.

A bit like married life I suppose, with all its different aspects and landscapes and waves and rocks and sand. All to be enjoyed. Together.

Be blessed dear friends. Thank you for the part you played in my life. Positive vibes all the way.

Much Love