Jacques & Cobus | Intimate Wedding | 2023

Sweetfontein Lodge - Karoo

Jacques & Cobus celebrated their wedding in the Karoo at the stunning Sweetfontein Lodge for a few days. 

Yes. A few days of celebrating (my kind of party) 

On their official day, they had friends and family meet for a relaxing hubbly and a few shots of tequila before they got ready to walk down the isle. 

Must I just add, that this was not just any isle. This was in the middle of everything and nothing all at once. Orange-stained by the warm dry sun and karoo winds for as long as any of us can remember. 

Cobus made it clear to me that their wedding was everybody else's day more than their own. So the guests must have fun. 

And so they did.....

It was a splendidly well-put-together day. With charm, good food, good wine, good taste, and most of all, a good time! 

The staff at Sweetfontein Lodge was on par the whole weekend and went above and beyond. Alfred, the one and only, transformed their reception with Karoo landscape draped from the ceiling to create an indoor cave. 


You are now Family. We are now invited to all your future anniversaries and parties. You're welcome. :-)

We Love you!!


Vendors: @sweetfonteinlogde