Jacques & Cobus | Karoo Dinner

sweetfontein destination wedding

Jacques & Cobus left no stone unturned when planning their destination wedding.

Set in the beautiful Karoo with its cotton candy sunsets and white striped clouds it was a backdrop dreams are made of. Celebrations kicked off with a pre-wedding dinner with a lot of banter, cold hands, warm food, and an abundance of laughter and wine.

I truly believe that I extended my family upon meeting these two unfathomable human beings and their loved ones. ( I decided right on the spot that they will not get rid of me that easily)

One of the conversations that stood out to me, during planning and drinking and just having a good time, was that their celebration was a celebration of friends, family, love, life, laughter, and shooters. (joking, not joking) But most of all, it was about the people that celebrated life with them.

So here we go. Family and Friends ft. Cobus & Jacques pre-wedding dinner. :-)

Destination: Karoo | South Africa